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“Being bad feels pretty good huh?”

Said John Bender to Samantha, as they marched down the hall way in the Breakfast Club, the movie.

It does actually. I felt especially guilty after a hearty visit to the other Breakfast Club, a US inspired all-day breakfast/brunch diner, with fry ups to put the American sized portions to shame.

The reason for this visit recently, was the opening of the futuristic Cross Rail station in Canary Wharf. Along with this station, it brought a plethora of foodie spots which mirrored some of my favourite restaurants in central London, mini fist pump indeed!

Cross Rail Station Canary WharfCross Rail Station Canary Wharf

A short walk down the renewed quay side, the Breakfast Club beckoned. Out of all of the restaurants along this end, this was the only place with a queue. At 11am, on a Sunday, in quiet Canary Wharf. I was hungry, at the point that anything would taste great!

Inspired by the Working Men’s Club in the 60’s, there was definitely a retro vibe exuberating from the large disco ball to the rusted brass coloured stairs, as we made our way inside into the dimly lit diner. Comfortable booths lined alongside the walls, and high chairs were supplied next to the kitchen area for those who prefer to stay awake after their breakfast induced food coma.

We made the friendly waitress’s job a breeze with 4 orders of the Full Monty, a plateful of bacon, beans, sausage, black pudding, 2 slices of multi-grain toast, fried eggs, grilled tomato and fried potatoes.

Wow, it’s a mouthful just saying the ingredients out loud!

On arrival, I struggled to see beyond my breakfast plate and had serious doubts about how I was going to finish this food.

The Breakfast Club LondonThe Breakfast Club London

Just look at that glistening bacon sizzling away, while the rest of the plate played nicely with each other, perfectly cooked in harmony.

It was such a relief that I no longer need to make my way out of SE postcode to get some decent breakfast or brunch!

If you ever feel like a craving for a proper fry-up, or even a stack of heart thumping pancakes topped with bacon, check out the Breakfast Club. They are all-over East London and Soho as well now. You can play with their 80’s arcade game inspired website here.

The Breakfast Club

Spitalfields / London Bridge / Soho / Canary Wharf / Angel / Hoxton / Battersea

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    • Yep Suze! You reminded me, I did hear the waitress mention a secret speakeasy 🙂 Will need to check it out next time in the evenings. I bet there is a silly password! x

    • Me either Lauren! I looked up their other branches and looks like it’s the first one on that side of town, which is great 🙂 They do other healthier options as well in case that’s your cup of tea x

    • Exactly Andrea. Nothing hits the hunger spot than a hearty fry-up! 😀 I need to try the pancakes next time with those dripping bacon x