This is our story:


Mrs Luxe is Laurie – I’m a social media consultant, a luxury travel influencer, and a digital nomad who loves traveling to different locations around the world.


Mr. Luxe is Simon – I’m an award-winning life coach who loves living life to the fullest, enjoying the finer things in life, and curating a life well-lived.

mr and mrs luxe

Mr. and Mrs. Luxe began an online journal to document the culture and travel adventures of Simon and Laurie when they met and fell in love in London. It became their way of keeping in touch with relatives and friends while saving them from writing mountains of emails back home.

Years later, it has evolved into a lifestyle and travel publication dedicated to making your life more interesting, beautiful and well-lived. We hope you find the inspiration for your next place to go out, awesome destinations to travel to for your next adventure, and the best dish to order in the top restaurants.

To contact us, send us an email on laurie@lauriewang.com 

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