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About Mr and Mrs Luxe

Mr and Mrs Luxe is a luxury lifestyle, food, culture and travel blog, to simply explore the life less extraordinary. Through Laurie and Simon’s multiple camera lens and unique writing style, visitors are encouraged to discover a new perspective in locations around the world.

Laurie and Simon had the pleasure to work with brands such as Lyon Tourism Board, The Ivy, Dorsett Hotels Group, HiFX, Mint Leaf Restaurant Group, Thomas Cook Airlines, just to name a few.

In January 2016, the website was named as one of the top 15 world travel bloggers by Fitur International Tourism. The blog has also been featured on European Life Magazine, The Metro, Fast Company, and Expat Blog.


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Thanks for your interest in working with Mr and Mrs Luxe.

Below are the various ways we can work together:

– Competitions

– Press trips

– Product giveaways

– Sponsored posts

– Display Advertising

– Brand Ambassador

– Social media campaigns

– Brand consultancy

– Brand specific campaigns packages available upon request

For various package rates and specifications, please email:

*Please note that advertisers and brands will be chosen based on relevancy to Mr and Mrs Luxe’s readership and demographics.

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