The Unconventional Valentine’s Day…

Love it… or hate it…  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for you and me.

The main gripe Mr.New Yorker and I have about Valentine’s Day is that any typical celebration involving a restaurant means that we’ll be dining with many other couples at the same time. We have never actually celebrated the actual occasion on Valentine’s Day because we think just once a year to celebrate your love for each other is definitely not enough, and why do it at the same time with everyone else?

Valentine's Day

If you want to see Valentine’s Day stress, the florist at Liverpool Street Station is a great place to witness this. There will be the guaranteed crowds of busy City workers picking up a few roses in a hurry at the station on the day if it happens to fall on a weekday, while rushing off to meet the special ones in their lives.

Valentine’s Day have evolved to become a high pressured holiday to impress and deliver the romantic promises that couples have once made when they started dating. I think that love still should be celebrated. And Valentine’s Day can be done with more fun and excitement than picking some roses and chocolate and call it a day.

I'd Be Lost

Here are some of my favourite ideas for this Valentine’s Day in London whether you are celebrating on the day or you have been treating your special one with unconditional love since day one. Valentine’s Day is about sharing love, whether with each other, or with the world, and it doesn’t have to always involve giant heart-shaped balloons and teddy bears bigger than your partner. Give it a go and maybe who knows, you might do these even when Valentine’s Day is not around the corner…

Take a class together


Always wanted to learn ballroom dancing, or how about recreating that special fly move from Dirty Dancing? (City Academy, prices start from £15)

Have a knack for art and wanted to paint a picture for both of you to enjoy? (Art Academy, prices start from £25)

How about learning a cocktail class together in the art of Mixology 101, including a bespoke cocktail to mark the occasion for both of you? (Milk and Honey, prices start from £40)

These are just some great examples, but there are so many different classes to take together in this eccentric capital in London, you are sure to find something that both of you will enjoy.

Volunteer for a cause you both believe in

Giving for Good

The art of giving has been proven scientifically to make you feel happier. A 2008 Harvard Business School study have shown that when people give time or money, it activates a region in the brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust with each other. What would be a better way to bring two of you closer together through seeing results of your time or money put to good use?

Be a tourist for a day in your own city

Silly Couple Photo Shoot

Why is 2015 the year of the selfie sticks? Anyway that is another blog for another day but the times where I have seen the selfie sticks being whipped out at major tourist attractions makes me want to invest in the companies that make these.

If you can’t fight it, join in! So why not indulge this Valentine’s Day and become a tourist in your own city. Walk around the major landmarks and don’t be afraid to capture sweet, romantic and silly photos of one another. (To this day, I solemnly declare that I have not yet been on top of the Empire State Building, so watch out Mr.New Yorker, he’s going to be going up there with me for sure…)

Star gazing…indoors

Star-gazing Planetarium London

I think there is something magical about being in the outdoors. But let’s be honest, whether you are in New York City or London, it would be practically asking for frost bite to go star-gazing during February. Did you know that in London there is a fantastic planetarium located in Greenwich? Inside the Royal Observatory, you can gaze up at the stars in the comfort of a cinema chair and wow yourselves to infinity. (Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from £6.50)

Borrow a pet

BorrowMyDoggy New Yorker Meets London

Animal lovers, listen up! Both are dog lovers and can’t afford to own one just yet? Why not buy your partner a BorrowMyDoggy membership and take the joy in looking after someone else’s lovely pup for a day? The owner will be grateful so it’s also racking up your pawesome points too! (BorrowMyDoggy, £9.99 per year for borrowers)

There you go, I can go on forever on these ideas but why not suggest some of your awesome ideas for this upcoming season of love? Leave a comment below and please do share! 🙂

Happy Loving…

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  • These are great ideas. I love that wreath. My husband and I just moved to a new town. There’s lots to explore so your idea of exploring your town as a tourist is great for us.

    • Thanks Kim! Glad you enjoyed it and that wreath is going to be at my wedding 🙂 Where have you moved to?

  • I love playing tourist in my home town. I see more things than I ever expect, and then I don’t have to do those things again for about a year.

    • I agree. To this day I’m still ashamed that I haven’t been on top of the Empire State Building in NYC 🙂 When it’s in my home city, I tend to take advantage of the fact that it will always be there. Things will change this year!

  • I have been wanting to take a dancing class. I think it’s quite sweet and romantic. 🙂

    • I think you should do a photo shoot for that! It’ll be so lovely 😉