Breakfast with the Royals at The Orangery

I’m not imagining this am I? On a cloudy Tuesday morning, I was walking briskly towards the entrance of The Orangery at Kensington Gardens, when I saw a helicopter landing just next to the palace. Surrounded with a few security guards, Prince Harry emerged from the helicopter and was rushed inside.

It turns out that Prince Harry was visiting his brother William and sister-in-law Kate that morning. Unfortunately, he couldn’t join the breakfast session with us at The Orangery, but it made the British Royal connection that much closer to home.

After a hectic journey through central London, Kensington Garden was a welcoming relief of quiet and serenity. A few locals were walking their dogs and the occasional joggers zoomed passed me in the misty morning air.

Set in lush green fields and manicured grounds of the palace, the Orangery elegantly sits in the midst of the view with large windows from all angles projecting a morning glow on its beautiful diners. With its chic ambience, no wonder Queen Anne entertained her court here, back in the 18th century!


The table was laid out with various arrangements of the Orangery’s signature Tiffany-blue chinas with the Royal crown proudly displayed on each item. These beautiful chinas were just too pretty not to be snapped!


The waffle with caramel apple and cinnamon cream was the winner for me. A perfectly scooped cinnamon cream quenelle comfortably rested on the giant waffle, served with a generous serving of caramel. With the lingering acidity of the baked apple and the crunchiness of the waffle, it was just brilliant.

This alone would be sufficient, but just look at the rest of the dishes that greeted us! With how much food was on offer here, this spread was surely fit for a King or “Queen”!?


The Orangery Kensington Palace

Disclaimer: no one was hurt in taking this flatlay photo. If you really want to see what we got up to, and how this happened, check out the behind the scene blogger moment captured by my friend Charlotte Hu below. This is how much we love our readers!



This was a great place to kick off our day with beautifully presented food in such an elegant setting. Even though we didn’t meet any members of the Royal family, we were happy with a leisurely walk through the garden afterwards. Can’t wait to return in the Summer season!

Thanks to Claire for inviting me to this lovely gathering and The Orangery for hosting us. As always, opinions are my own.

The Orangery

Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens

London W8 4PX

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