Surviving the Trip to Fraser Island in Australia

“Welcome to Australia, where everything wants to kill you….” this was the first line that welcomed me as I stepped onto the Fraser Island Adventure Tour’s gigantic jeep. I was told there were nothing to worry about however, as incidents are very rare especially for those who are ultra cautious…at this point, I think my white flushed complexion cause the jovial tour guide to chuckle!

King Fisher Eco Resort - Fraser IslandAs we were dropped off at the front desk of the The King Fisher Bay Eco Resort, I spotted some small glass jars next to the reception front desk, labelled with names of each deadly beast (redback spiders is a particular venomous kind, alongside with eastern brown snakes and a few others). Fiercely taking down the mental image of each of these, I quickly checked in and rushed into my room to do a thorough check!

Fraser Island Australia - New Yorker Meets London

The resort had a laid back atmosphere and give you the chance to also take in the seclusiveness of the in the middle of nowhere feeling. I dropped my belongings off, changed into my bikini and just sat by the pool side for rest of the afternoon while waiting for my tour mates to arrive for my next 2 days of adventures with them.

Fraser Island - Laurie WangThe very next day, our tour guide appeared at the front door of the resort in a large tour bus/jeep made specifically for driving on sand. Fraser Island is a large sand island that filtered the sea water over time to create several isolated fresh water lakes on the island. It created these pristine blue lakes with pure white sand that is almost unbelievable. However, to get there, you must either rent a jeep or get yourself booked on one of these adventure tours!


The group consisted of all under 30 young professionals and students, so I bonded with everyone very quickly. The bus waddled through the sand bushes and the tour guide pumped Kings of Leon in the radio with everyone rocking along.


Dingoes are everywhere on the island, and the local Australians constantly joked with us about the dangers of dingoes, even though in real life they rarely harm humans. I almost think they are a cute version of foxes we used to see back in London at times in the outer boroughs.

Fraser Island Dingos - Laurie Wang

At each stop, we would get off the bus, some would use the opportunity to top up their tan while others enjoyed a quick picnic near the lake side. My most memorable moment came when we were driving along the beach side highway, complete exposed to the elements. Outside the window, there are nothing except just open ocean, one of the best moment of the trip.


As we returned back to the port at sunset, I felt secluded on this island with all of the new friends I have made. I was completely charmed by the place.

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