Return of the Lobster…Burger & Lobster That is!

So as you all know me quite well by now, if I could just live on seafood (any of our fellow delicious crustacean friends), I would for 24 hours and 7 days of the week. Case in point, check out this photo of me digging into a crab claw in the Barcelona’s famous El Cangrejo Loco (the Crazy Crab) circa 2012. Salivation alert!

El Cangrejo Loco new yorker meets london

I pretty much almost licked the plates after, needless to say, Mr. New Yorker was very embarrassed 🙂

New Yorker Meets London in Barcelona

Anyway, back to London. Finding a good seafood restaurant, and I mean particularly the biggest crustacean friend, a good lobster restaurant in London has not been an easy feat a few years ago before the deluge of lobster joints popping up left and right in London. I remember I used to get excited whenever I see “surf and turf” (lobster and steak) on the menu (remember those days!?), and now I have an abundance of choices to pick from whenever my lobster craving strikes, which let’s be honest, is pretty much every single week…

burger and lobster new yorker meets london

This was definitely not the first time I have been to Burger and Lobster. But truth be told, during the first time I was at the Mayfair branch (the original), after queueing with throbbing hunger for about 2 hours (yes it was that popular), while trying to distract myself with some window shopping in the nearby New Bond Street, I tucked into the lobster with so much ferocity I forgot to take some photos of me messing about with the beast.

So here we go, I give you about 5 minutes to have a laugh 🙂 It’s a good look don’t you think?

Burger and Lobster New Yorker Meets London

I have to say, the plastic bib provided by the restaurant was pretty much a must have for a messy eater like me. The bib might not be a good look on me, especially to those more fashionable friends of you all, but trust me, you will need it when you visit. The splash of garlic oil butter on a new jumper is definitely not a good look to don in the New Year. Let me not even mention what garlic scent I was carrying afterwards!

Burger and Lobster New Yorker Meets London

Now for those who may not like lobster and hate it for eternity (why, why, for the love of God, why?), if those of you exist all of your friends are crustacean lovers like me, do not despair, there is a not-so-budget-friendly burger waiting for you on the menu. Personally, even though I will always go for the other option in the menu, after taking a bite out of the burger, it’s not a bad alternative!

Burger and Lobster New Yorker Meets London

Or if you prefer not to use your hands on these prickly sea creature’s shells at the risk of health and safety, I present you…(drum roll please)…the overstuffed lobster roll! By overstuffed I think I may not be overstating it, I mean, just look at this poor bun!

Burger and Lobster New Yorker Meets London

Juicy and succulent, what is there not to like? See, there is something for everyone’s taste here. Just be prepared to pay £20 up for it, although I think it’s definitely a bargain! We are talking about London here, people. What was your experience at Burger and Lobster like? Leave a common below or tweet me here with #lobsterLDN

Square Meal

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  • I adore Burger Lobster – its just so good and i think you get what you pay for! Steak and Lobster on the other hand is a poor comparison, which is a shame. Although I dont know why you would go and not pick lobster!

    • Exactly! I feel for the non-lobster eaters amongst friends 🙂 A tip is to try eating at the St.Pauls branch as there are almost less queues!