Relaxing in Style at Rosewood London

The soft touch of a hand landed on my shoulder and a distant voice said “you are all done”, as I drifted back to reality.

I realised that I had travelled to the fluffy clouds and back as the last hour just floated by like a the best dream I ever had.

Let’s rewind to the morning before.

In anticipation of my upcoming trip to the Far East, I booked a pre-flight treat to pamper these tight little shoulders and scheduled in some much-needed down time. Being a New Yorker living in London, the always-on lifestyle of both cities requires regular escape from the hectic hustle and bustle. But it’s all in the fun of living in one of the best cities in the world.

There was a special place I had in mind, just a stone’s throw away from one of the very first places I stayed in London – the Rosewood London’s Sense Spa in Holborn.

Rosewood London Hotel Courtesy of Rosewood London

The entry to the hotel already striked an impression on me as the glorious Edwardian metal gates opened into an enclosed, very-English like courtyard through a hollow hallway. A secret garden oasis awaited me as I peeked inside.

Rosewood London LobbyCourtesy of Rosewood London

When I stepped into the elaborate lobby, it felt like an artist inspired painting with black and white striped floors and rose gold coloured shelves. Glass walls and plush sofas were placed strategically to make the lobby look almost translucent with a sense of space, yet intimate and cosy. Somewhere I could retreat to with a book and a flat white coffee!

Rosewood Hotel LobbyRosewood Hotel Lobby

Armed with directions to the spa from the friendly front desk, I made my way through the maze like corridors and eventually arrived in front of a secret heavy metal door with discreet letters directing me inside. Maybe it was psychological, but at this point, I felt relaxed already!

Rosewood London Senses Spa

“Don’t get lost”, the receptionist smiled and warned me. I slipped into my fluffy white robe and quickly realised why she said that as I stepped out of the changing room. I had a Alice in Wonderland moment as I realised the spa was built around a central circular relaxation room and there were identical doors and corridors everywhere. Getting lost was an understatement, I was more worried that I might awkwardly run into someone’s treatment! 😀

Rosewood Hotel Sense Spa

Eventually, I made my way into the waiting area and I spotted a plush pillow on an overstuffed chair that was calling out my name. The Cafe del Mar album was flowing out of the speakers with some chill-out lounge tracks (great music choice). With a glass of cucumber water in hand, I slipped into a relaxed state until my therapist instructed me in a soft voice to follow her into the treatment room. The bamboo planks walkway led us through a dimly lit corridor with water falls coming down from both side of the grey slate stone walls.

Relaxation Room Rosewood Sense SpaCourtesy of Rosewood London

For the next hour, I was pampered from head to toe with a deep tissue signature massage. What surprised me was the nicely heated bed as I slipped in between the luxurious satin white bed sheets while waiting for my treatment to begin. The therapist cared for the body she used every technique at hand, including wrapping hot towels around crevices in and out between my toes and ended with a soul-searching scalp massage. The pressure was hard but I have always been a deep believer in no pain, no gain. Knots were pushed out and relaxation settled back in as I woke up from the treatment.

To finish off the experience, I decided to relax in the amethyst crystal steam room as I sweated out for a few minutes before enjoying a gushing tropical storm shower. Secretly, I did a rendition of Dancing in the Rain, but let’s keep that between us.

Rosewood Hotel Sense Spa

The changing room is well thought out as I simply had everything I needed, even some single use combs for a forgetful one like myself. #MiniFistPump time!

Renewed and lighter than air, I floated back on that overstuffed lounger and sinked into a sweet long dream. This time, I didn’t really want to wake up.


Rosewood London Hotel Sense Spa

252 High Holborn

London WC1V 7EN

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