A Festive Lunch at Mango Tree Harrods

So it begins…

With just a couple weeks until Christmas now, the High Streets and department stores are looking as congested as an Underground’s station platform at rush hour, as shoppers fill their trolleys with gifts for family and friends.

With over 300 departments and 30 eating and drinking options to select from, we recently found ourselves at Harrods, the world’s largest and luxurious mall. There’s apparently a popular saying that notes, ‘if you can’t find what you’re looking for at Harrods, chances are you’re not going to find it in London at all!’.


Dining at Mango Tree

Thankfully, our focus on this visit was less on the shopping and more on the food, as we made a beeline to some of the most spectacular food halls your eyes will have seen. With the abundance of choices, flavours and ranges on offer, it feels like an Aladdin’s Cave for food lovers. The last time we were here, we went on an incredible journey of the senses at Pan Chai so this time, we dined at its neighbour, Mango Tree.

While we’ve visited the branch based just a short walk away from Victoria station, this was the first time we had checked out their Harrods-based outpost. And from studying the menu here, the options were noticeable different; likely to do with the smaller kitchen space and equipment available. The focus here is more on Asian-fusion with dim sum dishes, which is a clear example of this.

To start, and to warm ourselves up from the cold weather outside, we had some tom yum goong with king prawns. The spicy broth paired well with the generous amount of shimeji mushrooms and prawn meat.


This was swiftly followed by three dim sum plates: lobster and coriander dumplings; aromatic duck with cucumber spring rolls; and, wagyu beef shumai. All were interesting interpretations of some of my favourite dim sum choices. The stand out here, was the wagyu beef shumai, presented with gold leaves and topped off with some caviar. A very decadent take on a humble dim sum classic!

Mr New Yorker’s main was the Kai Tod, crispy chicken pieces served with plenty of hot chillies and marinated with spices to make you sweat a little. These were moreish and even reminded me of a traditional Chinese dish – Kung Po chicken – that my Mum used to make.


My choice of main was Massaman Nuer – tender short ribs surrounded by coverings of sweet satay sauce. Each mouthful delivered meat so tender, it effortlessly melted in the mouth!

While we would’ve loved to have tried other dishes on the menu, our stomachs wisely informed us otherwise. As tempting as the lobster popcorn and spicy mayo sounded, it’s a dish that will have to be enjoyed on another occasion.


While not the best dim sum I’ve had in London, this Mango Tree outpost at Harrods offers a delicious break from all that shopping. There are plenty of choices, packed with flavour and spices, to refuel your energy (and stomach!) and satisfy your tummy ahead of yet more shopping!

Mango Tree Harrods

Ground Floor Food Hall

87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge

London SW1X 7XL

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