Last Hooray for Corner Room

Corner Room Menu - New Yorker Meets LondonThe Corner Room has been hailed as one of the best kept secrets of East London town. I was keen to find out why.

It was housed in the chic once-was-a-town-hall-and-still-kind-of-is Town Hall Hotel next to Bethnal Green station. Nuno Mendes, a culinary genius who trained at the California Culinary Academy and subsequently under Wolfgang Puck, Rocco di Spirito and Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Deer Head - Corner Room - New Yorker in London

Nuno is also the creator of Viajantes, a Michelin-starred restaurant situated in the same hotel. Sadly, he is leaving to join as an executive chef at André Balazs’ new venture, the Chiltern Firehouse.

We had called for reservation as a last minute Easter Weekend treat and surprisingly that they accepted reservation for booking ahead of 7pm (a tip for those who do not like waiting) on the same day.

Townhall Hotel Reception

On that brisk sunny afternoon, I walked into the trendy hotel reception with oblong shaped furniture and a English bulldog stool and up the stairs I went, which took me through a corridor of beautifully refurbished wooden panel doors and restored brass handles.

As I walked towards the reception of the restaurant, on my left there is actually an old-fashioned library with dim candle lights and couple snuggling in the corner on a few glasses of red wine waiting for their table. On my right, a welcoming view of a sun filled dining room decorated with lighting fixtures of different shapes and sizes.

Corner Room Restaurant in London - New Yorker Meets London

As if reading our mind, the hostess seated us next to a bright window with full view of the courtyard behind the hotel and as the dinner proceeded, the candle light substitute and lighting fixtures behind provided us with a very zen-like atmosphere.

The Menu had an eclectic mix of different dishes, and we had chosen a combination of a few of the tasting plates. 6-7 dishes in total with 1 extra saved for dessert should be more than enough for a meal for 2.

To kick it off, check these first few dishes out.

Jersey royal potatoes with wild nettle puree, egg and ikura

Corner Room - New Yorker Meets London

Such a beautiful plate of potatoes and do not expect the exactly same taste to any of your good old buds either. Infused with wild nettle and served with a perfectly cooked gooey egg, these little potatoes tastes divine!

Marinated scallop, lactose roasted carrot and lemon

Corner Room - New Yorker Meets London

These scallops worked perfectly with the heavily lactose infused carrots as the marinated scallops dance on your tongue. Such a beautiful plate of food to look at!

Bream with fermented buttermilk and apple 

Corner Room - New Yorker Meets London

Dry aged middle white pork and spiky artichokes

Corner Room - New Yorker Meets London

I thought the pork was good but not the best plates out of all of the other ones I have tried here at the Corner Room, maybe a little bit well cooked for my taste but other than that no major criticisms.

Barbeque poussin, black pepper glaze and cauliflower

Corner Room - New Yorker Meets London

After all of this, I was entirely satisfied but wanted something sweet for dessert so opted for something light:

Corner Room - New Yorker Meets London


What a perfect finish to an early Spring evening ahead of the lovely Easter holiday!

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