InterContinental O2 Spa Review

As a Londoner, I find the best part of living in this truly global city is the fact I never get bored.

There’s always something going on every day of the week – whether that’s a new restaurant being launched to cater to the millions of hungry Instagram-snapping foodies or an event that entertains and inspires us in some way.

Let’s face it… us Londoners sure are a busy bunch. So much so, that I’m pretty sure that there’s a fair few of us that could qualify for the Olympic sport of race walking if we wanted to!

InterContinental O2 Spa Review


Because of these hectic and busy lifestyles, slowing down for a day and having some ‘me’ time can be just what we need.

So when I was recently invited to check out the Intercontinental O2 spa followed by an afternoon tea experience in Meridian Lounge with a view of the River Thames, I was naturally excited about the opportunity to experience InterContinental O2’s facilities, but also to wave goodbye to all those terrible knots around my body.


Upon entering the lobby of InterContinental O2, the spacious rose gold lobby impresses, exuding a sense of calmness and serenity. In homage to the history of the local area it is situated in, you are surrounded by references to Greenwich’s maritime heritage.

I was then led towards the spa in the hotel, a joyous area of utter relaxation helped by the darker lighting, soft music and luxurious setting of exotic textures and materials such as gold gilt and blue pearl granite.

Switching into one of the robes provided and sinking my feet into their comfy slippers, I then made my way to the spa’s relaxation area, cosying up next to the fireplace. After quenching my thirst with a glass of cucumber, mint and raspberry infused water, I was introduced to my masseuse.

In selecting my treatment, I decided to opt for the InterContinental Spa’s signature, ESPA 90 minutes treatment, which comprises a 30 minutes back massage, 30 minutes scalp massage and 30 minutes customised facial.

Once comfortable in the treatment room lying on the spa’s meditative-inducing bed, I advised my masseuse that my shoulders tend to be the key victims of my busy lifestyle. She honed in on these areas as she expertly worked her hands around my body, effortlessly resulting in me giving in to the wonderful feelings of relaxation. So much so that I could’ve easily drifted in la-la land a few times!

intercontinenal o2 London spa

Post treatment, I felt like I was walking on air and highly connected – in terms of my senses – to everything around me.

To finish this spa experience, I took a dip in the plunge pool before washing off any stress and tension left in my body underneath the gigantic rain shower heads in what is an immaculately clean changing room. Other facilities that you can take advantage of at InterContinental spa include a steam room, sauna and ice fountain.

This spa venue comes highly recommended if you’re looking for that touch of luxury in a place that offers facilities pre and post treatment. The service was warm and friendly, and you’ll emerge refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the busyness of London all over again.

Stay tuned for Part 2, in which I’ll be sharing my afternoon tea experience in the hotel’s Meridian Lounge…

InterContinental O2 Spa

1 Waterview Dr, London SE10 0TW

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