10 Best Instagram Spots in Los Angeles

I bet that you just checked Instagram 3 seconds ago…

And it’s not just you, it’s probably everyone around you at work, at home, at the dinner table, before you tuck into that amazing looking oh-so-Instagram-worthy plate…

Well, as much as it is addictive, Instagram is also a fantastic way for fellow travelers to find inspiration on the latest openings and must-sees during our globetrotting adventures. Get ready to put your cameras to the test on some of the coolest, and photogenic corners in the city of LA, without having to sit in the LA LA Land-esque traffic. Let me get you in the mood for #InspireMyInstagram with these 10 best Instagram places in Los Angeles.

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Best Instagram Spots in Los Angeles


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1. The Piece Collective

Situated on the super trendy Abbot Kinney Road, this little shop front not only has beautiful exteriors with witty art, but also has a huge selection of top notch home decor and clothing designs.


2. Santa Monica Pier

You’ll know you have arrived in Santa Monica, when you see the iconic Ferris Wheel of the pier. On this picturesque pier, you’ll find the inviting waters of the Pacific Ocean and lots of Baywatch worthy Lifeguard houses along the way.


3. Paul Smith

Oh those pink walls! Paul Smith decided to splash its entire wall in bright pink and Instagrammers have since then approached it from every creative angle. There is nothing like a slice of blue sky paired with the pink background and clean lines!


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4. LACMA Urban Light Installation

If you are a fan of the movie No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, then you’ll know the scene with these famous lights. The installation consists of 202 restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s period with beautiful details and looks absolutely magical at night.


5. Bradbury Building

Here is another movie reference for another landmark, but then again we are in LA, which is definitely expected. In 500 Days of Summer, when Tom meets Autumn, this was the place it was shot. Also, in Blade Runner, you’ll recognise this architectural gem, which was actually built in 1893.


6. Griffith Observatory

I could never get tired of this view. As the evening sunset approaches, the surroundings of LA is covered in a sheet of pink and blue hue, and you just might fall in love with this moment. Plus, another rendition to dance like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in LA LA Land is also on the agenda!


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7. Bottega Louis Macaron House

Located in downtown LA, This Italian outpost features macarons available in every colour of the rainbow here. It is also known to sell one of the most luxurious cakes around LA, the most recent version featured a $1,120 cake that required customised consultation four weeks in advance.


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8. Made in LA Mural

If you have made it to LA, you’ll need to a get a photo in front of this place to proof that you made it. But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you weren’t actually born here.


9. Venice Street Art

You will approach a lot of street art in Venice, I remember seeing one almost on every street corner. However, my favourite ones were on the side streets of Abbot Kinney Road, including the Love Wall and also stenciled Palm Trees.


10. Alfred Coffee

Coffee is usually the first thing we say hi to in the morning. But can your coffee give you a motivational quote boost? Here at Alfred, they also provide coffee latte art in the shape of Instagram-worthy quotes in gold.

Are there any favourite Instagram spots in LA that you highly recommend? 

See you on Instagram!


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