Best Ice Rinks in London This Winter

Ahh, it’s that time of the year when various Christmas commercials are tugging at our hearts just before the holiday season kicks off. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, the first thing I would like to tick off my holiday check list is ice skating!

When I was little, I grew up watching figure skating champions like Michelle Kwan gliding across the ice rink with grace and beauty. Even now, the little kid inside of me always wanted to be like them. This time of year is the perfect excuse to dust off those skates and take it for a whirl on the ice!

Here are my list of top 5 ice skating venues:

1. Somerset House

Situated in the courtyard of Somerset House, it is the ultimate skating rink for those in a mood for a romantic, elegant, and sophisticated experience. For those in need of some refresher lessons (it happens to the best of us), Somerset House offers skate school for adults and children, with Olympic Gold medallist Jayne Torvill as patron.

penguins somerset house

I recommend giving the cult favourite Penguin a chance in the Penguin Club section at the back of the rink for some carefree gliding.

Perhaps you might even get lucky at spotting a celebrity/royal or two. Pippa Middleton was spotted skating here before!

pippa middleton

2. National History Museum

Natural History Museum Ice Skating

With the majestic Natural Museum of London as the backdrop, the skating rink here operates with a magical atmosphere. It is also situated in South Kensington, the location for various other tourist attractions in the neighbourhood. For those just arriving in London, this will be the ideal location for a session of skating followed by a visit to the V&A and the Science Museum nearby. All of which require free admission to enter! 🙂

3. Winter Wonderland Ice Rink

ice skating rink winter wonderland

If you are a Christmas market lover like me, you will love Winter Wonderland. It is somewhat bizarre with fairground rides, carousels, German beer house, mechanical talking trees, haunted houses and the list goes on. It is worthwhile to make a day of it and of course skating in the beautiful surroundings of Hyde Park.

4. Canary Wharf Ice Skating Rink

Contrary to many Londoners, I actually like Canary Wharf. It reminds me of the beautiful Tribeca in New York City, where I went to high school near the financial district. The skating rink is surrounding by tall skyscrapers in this South East London “Wall Street” of England. As darkness falls, the rink is illuminated by the office lights in the surrounding buildings.

For your little quiet spot of London’s ice rinks, this is the best place to go on the weekends away from the crowds in central London.

Ice Rink Canary wharf

5. Eyeskate

The newest contender in London’s ice skating scene. As the name proudly gives away, this ice rink is situated beneath the London Eye and also by the river Thames near Southbank. Afterwards, discount packages are offered for a 45 minutes ride on one of the most iconic landmarks.

Eyeskating London Eye

Of course, the list of other ice rinks in the metropolis of London goes on and on. These are my favourite ones and leave a comment below for your favourite pick of the bunch. I would love to hear some suggestions to add to my list for this winter! 🙂

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