A Year in Reflection

With 2015 firmly behind me, I finally had the chance in the last few days to reflect on a whirlwind of a ride in this last year.

2015 started with my commitment to connect more with this blog, or my creative outlet, as I like to call it, and also with all of you lovely readers who joined me on this journey. Now looking back, not only have I picked up another passion, but also what a joy it was also to have connected with so many amazing bloggers and inspirational creatives who are making their dreams a reality.

As with any commitment we do in January, it was hard work to be consistent every single week, as we all know that resolutions are notoriously hard to follow through for the entire year. Life happened with different big events (wedding) and business being launched (my digital strategy consulting). There were ups and downs with so much work going on, but keeping myself going has been one of the biggest rewards in 2015.

In all, it was a year of big changes for me and a shift in focus to pursue my passions with more audacity and less aversion to failure. As I made bigger goals for myself, I started to see the shift in results from my own business as well as the blog. In the last 12 months, I had the pleasure to collaborate with restaurants, brands, tourism boards and help connect them with readers who cared about what I love.

Reflection 2015

I’m looking forward to what 2016 has in store as I have even bigger goals and things I would like to accomplish with new and old friends who are also my business partners. Here are a few personal moments I would like to reflect on:

Getting Connected

W Kollective, my ecosystem of friends in digital and technology are a pretty awesome bunch of ladies. One of my favourite comment from one of our recent new members is :”wow, this is the best community I have joined, everyone is just so normal!” It led to a lot of partnerships, events, and best of all, a few glasses of wine to laugh together with at the end. Thanks to all of you for the support over the years.

Through blogging, the best rewards are those friendships you make through the journey together. And sometimes those friendships come with their fantastic other halves as well. Thanks for all the good times, my fellow bloggers and I look forward to our online and offline chats in the new year!

Getting Fit

I started 2015 with one goal in mind for my fitness. It was very shallow, as I was concerned only with fitting into my wedding dress in September. However, this gave me the incentive to take fitness seriously. I signed up to fitness bootcamps and also trained every single morning. I changed my diet by eating clean and wholesome meals.

12 months later, fitness is now part of my habit and I have maintained it as a lifestyle rather than to look good. I’m looking forward to taking on more fitness challenges in the new year as I push my body to the next level. And yes, I finally did 2 pull ups without assistance! ????

Getting Married

The wedding was a massive event to plan this year. I thought my event planning experience came in handy with all of the coordination and liaising with outside suppliers. But in the end, it was all worth it. On the day, we were surrounded by so much love and support from our dear friends and family.

Due to the amount of work involved with the wedding, my beloved travelling had to take a back seat this year. I’m definitely looking forward to checking off more destinations off my 2016 bucket list! Hello Lombok 🙂

Reflection 2015

A very happy New Year to you, my lovely readers, and thank you for being here for me. I look forward to sharing many more great things with you in the years to come. ????????

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