A Journey to Pizza Pilgrims

I really craved some pizza lately and I decided to meet up with a good friend at a top spot in London called Pizza Pilgrims.

I first met these guys at the Southbank Food Festival and they were operating out of a food truck. An oven in a truck! But somehow, the pizza were some of the tastiest I have ever had.

Now that they have opened a spot in Soho, with a lovely window seat looking at the passers by. There is nothing better than this!

Drink at Pizza Pilgrims

My friend and I opted for the sharing tactic as there were so many amazing varieties of pizza on the menu! What’s a pizza loving girl to do?

Check out this one, Portobello Mushroom and Truffle, with drizzled truffle oil on top. My ultimate favourite.

Pizza Pilgrims - New Yorker Meets London

The other, rather straightforward, but always great choice. The Marguerita, tomato, basil, parmesan, and a drizzle of olive oil!

Pizza Pilgrims - New Yorker Meets London

Square Meal

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  • This pizza looks amazing! It’s funny this post came at the perfect time. I just came back from Rome and Florence where my boyfriend and I went on holiday for a week and we had the absolute best pizza and pasta I’ve ever had! And coming back to London, I thought, I really need to find a good pizza place here. I’ll try this one out! Thanks for a lovely post and mouth-watering photos!

    • I’m heading to Rome actually for this holiday season, let me know when we can swap some recommendations for Rome! Roman holiday here I come 🙂

      • Actually I have an email from a friend who used to live in Rome. If you want an awesome list of recommendations for wine bars, restaurants, cafes etc. Let me know if you want me to send it over -Olivia