24 Hours in Milan

With the abundance of long weekends in London as Bank Holidays rolled in, city breaks are perfect for a little getaway.

Being in London as an international hub, some of these beautiful cities are just over 2-3 hours away. Milan seemed like the perfect choice (Italian lakes, sunshine, and food heaven). We packed our bags and made a dash for Heathrow Airport.

We landed on a balmy Friday evening, when most Milanese are out and having an early aperitif after a long week. It’s very similar to the New Yorker lifestyle as people here work hard and play just as hard.

You can read about our first night of steak, mystery menu, and rooftop DJ experience at STK Milan here.

Freshly rising from our sun filled hotel room the next morning, we plotted out our 24 hours in detail. Given the amount of places to see, we had to hustle out every route and foodie spots along the way!


Vanilla Bakery
Via S. Siro, 2, Milano MI, Italy

I felt like I was in fairytale land, surrounded by a world of pink, pastries and cakes of every size. Milanese clearly have a sweet tooth or spot for these little delicacies. Croissants with pistachios anyone?

Pave Milano
20124, Via Felice Casati, 27, 20124 Milano, Italy

If pink isn’t your thing, we also really liked this hipster and minimal cafe called Pave. The plumcakes and the cappucino is the menu du jour here, so make some room for that in the AM!



Ever seen a wedding cake? Now imagine that sort of delicate detail on a large church structure such as the Milan Duomo. With some of the best panoramic views of the city, the top of the Duomo is a must see. On a blue sky sunny day, you can get a glimpse of the distant Alps if you look hard enough. Also, there is a lift service for the faint hearted.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Milan is a fashionable city, and this may be evident from the fact that they have one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. This was probably where the term “shop at your leisure” was invented. In this four story double arcade, the glistening sunshine beams down through the glass ceiling and bounces off the golden facade in every turn.


Window Shopping at Quadrilatero d’Oro

Here, you’ll find all of the moda Italiana names, Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana et al. Each tucked away into side street filled with beautifully decorated windows with the wildest imaginations. It’s easy to get lost here, but you’ll be glad to.

If you are hungry and want a snack pre-lunch, make sure to check out Peck, the equivalent of the Selfridges food hall here in London. All of the nicest fare in Italian land are out here on display and the sweets station is not to be missed.


Lunch at Naviglio

Ristorante Sant’Eustorgio
Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, 6, 20122

Food served with a view of the tree-framed Basilica di Sant’Eustorgio, the Milanese classic veal cutlet here is one of the best quality in the city. Food here is sophisticated without the price tag and the wine list is comprehensive featuring light reds from nearby Oltrepo Pavese.



There are no better places to eat gelato then in an Italian local city establishment. Naviglio is a great place to hunt for the traditional shops.


Gelateria le Colonne
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 75, 20100

On the way to the canals, this unassuming shop can be missed in trendy Naviglio. Look out for the traditional sign high up on the door, and the queue of gelato worshipers inside deciding on which flavour of the day to choose. I treated myself to two large scoops of deliciousness.

Dinner in Brera

Filled with pedestrian streets and beautiful corners at every turn, Milan’s artistic area now attracts a variety of creative and well-heeled individuals in the city. There are fantastic cocktail bars, little cafes, and lots of excellent restaurants. We simply couldn’t choose our favourite restaurants, but we thought La Rosa Nera is definitely worth mentioning.


La Rosa Nera
Via Solferino, 12, 20121

Old school charm reigns in this little tucked away spot in Brera. There is even a dessert trolley to come around at the end of the meal and the diners can choose their dulce of the day! Just be aware that the serving time between courses have long gaps, so if you are hungry then make sure to order a few more starters. Portions are small here but the taste more than makes up for it.

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