14 Must Have Pieces for a Minimalist Wardrobe

A few months ago, as the year 2015 turned into 2016 in a flash, I decided to organise through my wardrobe and make space for things that I love wearing everyday. It was as I like to call, the Marie Kondo inspired decluttering revolution. If you haven’t read her book yet, I recommend it highly as it changed the way I live for the best so far this year.

minimalist_wardrobeAfter all, my personal favourite style at the moment is defined by simplicity, elegance, minimalist, and neutral colours. With the passing of time, I felt that my style have shifted in a new direction since my early 20’s and I comfortably settled into it now because it just felt right. It makes me happy to look and feel the best I can be everyday, and bringing this joy to those who are around me daily.

greybagWith that in mind, I decided to select and style the ideal pieces left in my wardrobe to make them timeless and using them to their full potential. I aspire to be able to able to dip in my collection and put together an outfit effortlessly, while at the same time achieving that ultimate minimalist elegance.

I wrote down a list of items that are essential for me to keep and invest in:

  1. Basic tees in grey, black, and white (great for layering and pairing up with prints/leathers)
  2. Crisp white boyfriend shirt, slightly oversized
  3. Black turtleneck soft cashmere jumper
  4. A well-tailored blazer in navy or black (Balmain creates a beautiful collection for these)
  5. LBD (little black dress for all occasions)
  6. A comfortable and flattering pair of ballerina pumps in nude/black
  7. Skinny black jeans/blue jeans
  8. Well fitted skirt in print (jazz it up a little)
  9. A quality pair of nude/black high heels
  10. 1 medium sized handbag (13″ Macbook size ideally)
  11. 1 small shoulder bag
  12. 1 watch
  13. 1 pair of diamond stud earrings
  14. Black ankle boots


Shop the versatile minimalist wardrobe look:


With my love of neutral colours at the moment, I found this beautiful anytime must-have from Farfetch. It is highly versatile as both a day and evening bag, paired beautifully with a navy coloured dress from COS and nude/black slingback heels. With a magnetic front closure, I don’t need to mess around with buckles or straps. This is the ultimate stylish lazy-girl bag. ????


If you are a girl like me, who is always getting lost in little boutique shops in continental European cities while strolling through the backstreets, then Farfetch is a great place to surf through and find your favourite eccentric collections online, saving the cost of airfare and additional luggage space.

boutiques in paris

By choosing only quality and timeless pieces that I can wear in various different combinations, these are worthwhile investments into an efficient and classic wardrobe!

What are some of your key items in your wardrobe? Let me know below! ????

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